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Performance and characteristics of potato shredder

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Potato shredding machine is a practical machine specially used for potato shreds. It completely solves the problem of manual cutting of potato shreds (potato slices).


The weight of the potato shredder is less than 150 kg, and its appearance size is 645×450×930 mm. It can be powered by 220V lighting or 380V power, with a rated power of only 750W. The potato shredder has the functions of automatic peeling, automatic cleaning, and adjustable cutting thickness. It can be operated by one person without manual peeling and cleaning. Depending on the thickness of the potato shreds, 260-650 kg of potato shreds (potato chips) can be cut per hour.


The equipment is easy to operate, has high output and good molding. It can be cleaned and peeled separately, and can also be sliced and shredded separately. The thickness and thickness can be adjusted freely. The surface of the cut pieces and wire is smooth. It is the most advanced potato peeling and cutting machine in China.

Scope of application

Applicable to institutions, institutions, troops, schools, canteens, hotels, restaurants and restaurants.

Product Classification

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