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Operation process of vegetable washing machine

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If we want to make the vegetable washing machine play a greater cleaning role, we need to ensure that all operations of the equipment are carried out in accordance with the correct process, otherwise even high-quality equipment will not play its original effect , Or even delay the completion of your work. The following describes the correct operation process of the machine:

   1. Clean the water tank of the vegetable washer and fill it with water.

   2. Start the conveyor mesh belt motor to make the mesh belt run normally and the direction is correct.

   3. Start the vortex pump and inject air into the water in the tank to make the water in the tank tumbling.

   4. Open the spray pipe valve to make the water evenly spray on the mesh belt.

   5. Check each operation part to confirm that it can work after normal operation.

  Vegetable washing machine belongs to a household appliance. Once it breaks down during use, it will cause great damage to the operator. Therefore, we should operate the equipment correctly according to the above process to avoid the occurrence of failure.

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