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Onion peeling machine -jinan stabake

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onion peeling machine

The Onion peeling machine is also called the onion peeler. It is powered by compressed air and adopts a chain conveying bin-type peeling structure. The onion enters the peeling bin through the chain. When passing through the peeling bin, the Intermittent peeling, during the peeling process, the onion is peeled without hardness friction at all, ensuring the integrity, freshness and pollution-free of the processed product, while saving electricity and energy, high yield and efficiency, and easy to clean. Because the onion is not damaged during the peeling process, it looks good after peeling and can be stored for a long time. The whole machine of the peeling machine is made of 304 video grade stainless steel, which is not afraid of scallion oil corrosion. The modified machine has the advantages of high removal rate, no damage to the onions, high peeling efficiency, and simple operation.

Onion peeling machine product function:

This machine is mainly used for peeling onions; it does not need to be soaked in water, no knife is needed, and it is designed to be non-wearing. It is completely peeled by air through dry peeling, and the integrity of onions is high.

Working principle of industrial onion peeler:

This machine needs to be equipped with an air compressor, which uses the strong airflow generated by the air compressor to form a cyclone, the outer membrane of the onion is removed, the onion skin is smooth, and the damage rate is low. Suitable for use in the food processing industry.

How to use Onion peeling machine:

1. Place the mechanical equipment in a stable place, and lock the rollers with rollers;

2. Check whether there are foreign objects in the feed before use;

3. Let the machine run idling for 2-3 minutes when starting up, and observe whether the machine is abnormal;

4. If there is any abnormality, seek professional maintenance personnel for repair in time;

5. Appropriate feeding according to the model of the equipment;

6. After the operation, be sure to cut off the power supply.

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