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New large Jujube washing machine, fruit and vegetable washing equipment

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Jujube washing machine

      Jujube washing machine, fruit and vegetable washing equipment saves the time and water used in the processing of red dates. The application of the new jujube cleaning equipment has doubled the processing and production efficiency of jujube, and has become the jujube cleaning equipment chosen by the jujube cleaning and processors. Use spray to remove impurities to raise the feed, horizontal mixed flow staggered spray cleaning, multi-angle rotating curve moving friction cleaning, the water circulation principle of the whole machine of the fruit and vegetable cleaning equipment is the same as the quick disassembly mechanical structure and the displacement positioning structure principle, which are connected by the horizontal tank The combined all-in-one machine completes the pre-cleaning of jujube materials.

      The new Jujube washing machine is made of stainless steel 304. The equipment is divided into two sections. The first section is a high-pressure spray drum cleaning machine. This section uses drum wave and high-pressure spray to clean jujube. The outlet is equipped with a spray device to make The cleaning effect is even better. The latter stage is a high-pressure spray and brush cleaning method. The brush can remove the dust and particles on the jujube and make the jujube brighter. The fruit and vegetable cleaning equipment is rinsed with high-pressure spray water again for cleaning. More thorough. After cleaning, the water droplets on the surface can be removed by an air dryer, and then dried in the drying room. After drying, it can be packaged and stored for sale.

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