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Multifunctional Dumpling Machine Opposite and filling requirements

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The widespread use of Dumpling Machine makes making dumplings no longer difficult. It's easy to make dumplings. If the adjustment is unreasonable during use, it will not be able to satisfy the production of dumplings, mainly due to the poor grasp of the contrast and filling ratio. Then, when using the multifunctional dumpling machine, how do we pay attention to the requirements of noodles and fillings, let the editor of Jinan Stabake manufacturer take you to take a look.

Requirements for the dough: A good dough should not be too thin, but not too hard. It is necessary to make the noodles gentle. Pay attention to the water content of the surface. The surface thickness should be 15-20mm, and the width should be about 120mm.

Filling requirements: You can set the filling amount according to your needs. Generally speaking, the content of dumpling meat is higher than 30%, and the size of vegetable stuffing is 6-10 mm. If the leek filling should keep the length of the filling within 6 mm, water can be added reasonably. As the case may be. The mixing of the filling should be based on the smoothness of the filling. If the adjusted filling is not smooth enough, some oil can be added. If it is celery stuffing, it can be left for a period of time to soften the particles of celery stuffing so that the meat can be evenly mixed during mixing.

Whether the multifunctional Dumpling Machine can make qualified dumplings depends on the quality of the noodles and the adjustment of the filling. Therefore, we should master some methods in the general use process, so that we can make delicious dumplings.

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