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Meat cutting machine maintenance five steps

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Meat cutting machine

Now the development of the food industry, of course, the existence of meat cutters is indispensable. The meat slicer provided by Jinan Stabake has a variety of styles. The power of the meat slicer and the principle of the knife comb and the meat cutting part are similar in structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, and low power consumption., It is easy to clean and maintain. Today I will give you a detailed description of the five steps to maintain the meat slicer!

Step 1: Before operating the meat slicer, first clean the meat slicer with warm water, remember not to wet the motor.

Step 2: When using the Meat cutting machine, first turn on the motor to see if the rotation of the blade is correct. If it is reversed or wrong, it should be corrected immediately.

Step 3: After the operation is over, turn off the power first, then remove the detachable accessories, clean them with hot water, and install them again. Turn on the machine to dry the water and apply cooking oil.

Step 4: When you need to cut shredded meat, first cut the meat slices into slices, and then cut the meat slices horizontally.

Step 5: The meat to be cut must not have bones, otherwise the reamer and slicing knife will be damaged.

Therefore, the maintenance of the meat cutter is also very useful, and of course it can also reduce some troubles!

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