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Matters needing attention in the use of meat cutting machine

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1. It is necessary for the operator to be familiar with the performance of meater , and the standards and functions of its components to ensure safe operation.

2. The meat cutting machine has exclusive services. The operator should wear neat, not too long sleeves and concentrate on the operation.

3. Before using the meat cutter, you need to make a comprehensive inspection, check whether there are obstacles in the transmission components, smooth oil filling in the smooth part, and the safety protection device is reliable, Whether the blade outlet is intact and loose or not, the meat cutter is clean.

4. When starting the switch, there must be no water on the hand. Turn on the fan first to investigate whether there is any abnormal phenomenon. The empty time should not be too long to prevent damage to the blade. sto  Wear gloves.

5. Meat is to prevent "hand-to-meat in mouth". It is not allowed to press the hand into the meat. If you want to use chopsticks, you still insist on it. Do not use metal tools according to the body. To prevent the cage from touching metal tools and ejecting hurting and damaged meat cutters.

6. The meat needs to be processed evenly, not too much, to prevent damage to the motor. If the machine is found to be operating abnormally, the power supply should be blocked and the reason should be stopped to check the cause.

7. The volume of the meat piece should not be too large. It should be cut into thin strips of meat with bones and not strong. The skin should prevent the meat cutter from jamming. Shut down immediately when the meat cutter is stuck. Be forced to operate.

8. After the operation is completed, cut off the power and clean the cutter to ensure food hygiene. Clean the meat cutter, forbid the punching of electrical parts to prevent electric shock or burnout electric motor.

9. It is necessary to stop the meat cutter immediately due to electrical failures. It is forbidden to dismantle the mechanical and electrical parts of private businesses. It is necessary to have professional maintenance personnel repair the meat cutter .

10. The meat cutter has no defect in  meat processing  occupation. However, the safety problems exposed during the use of the meat cutter cannot be ignored.

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