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Let's understand the multi-function vegetable cutter together

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UsedMultifunctional vegetable cutter friends know that it is very convenient, and the speed is very fast. But you need to use it correctly, so what should we pay attention to when we use the multi-function vegetable cutter normally?

1. Place the equipment on level ground before operation to ensure that the machine is placed stably and reliably. Make sure that the plug of the device has protruding contact and there is no trace of looseness or water.

2. Check for foreign objects on the drum or conveyor belt. If there are any foreign objects, it is necessary to clean them to prevent tool damage.

3. According to the operation of the vegetables to be processed and the adjustment of the cutting form, the centrifugal slicer is used to cut melons and potatoes. The vertical knife part can process soft vegetables or cut into different shapes, such as blocks, cubes and diamonds of different standards.

4.Vegetable cutter working When running, opening the front door will automatically power off, but the front door should not be opened frequently when the vegetable cutter is running. Because the motor will have a buffer speed, frequent power failure will affect the service life of the vegetable cutter. Be sure to cut off the power after working. , Clean and wipe.

In fact, the multifunctional vegetable cutter is very safe to use, and the operation method is also very simple. Basically, it will be learned in a short time. In our daily life, the multifunctional vegetable cutter brings us a lot of convenience, but even if It is a small vegetable cutter, and we have to maintain it.

To check the conveyor belt and pressure vegetable belt frequently, if there is slippery phenomenon, it is necessary to adjust in time, otherwise there will be deviations in the work. There are also the elasticity and wear of the triangle belt, which can affect the work of the multi-function vegetable cutting machine. We need to check diligently and make adjustments and replacements in time. Daily oiling of gears and lubricating oil in bearings are all done on a regular basis to keep the machinery working properly. When the multi-function vegetable cutter is working, we must listen to the sound. If the sound is not correct, it means that the parts of the multi-function vegetable cutter are damaged. At this time, we should terminate the work, check and repair it, and deal with the problem. Use a vegetable cutter. The daily maintenance of the machine is indispensable, because only in this way can the machine become more convenient and usable.

In some restaurants, we often see multi-function vegetable cutters. Everyone is also very concerned about the benefits of the multi-function vegetable cutter, it can improve efficiency, when there are many dishes,  manual vegetable cutting is very slow, and it is not troublesome Efficiency, but the emergence of the multi-function vegetable cutter solves these problems. The multi-function vegetable cutter can quickly cut the vegetables, and the important thing is that it is the same as the manually cut vegetables. Vegetable cutters, now there are many types of multi-function vegetable cutters. Different vegetable cutters have different prices, so everyone should still buy a vegetable cutter with a higher cost performance according to their own situation, so that the vegetable cutter can play a great role. The vegetable cutting machine is convenient and fast, and more and more people pay attention to the multifunctional vegetable cutting machine. The development of the multifunctional vegetable cutting machine will become better and better.

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