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Introduction to the installation and debugging of the fruit and vegetable cutting machine

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Fruit and Vegetable cutting Machine

Introduction to the installation and commissioning of the automatic fruit and vegetable cutting machine

Fully automatic fruit and vegetable cutting machine I believe that many people will not feel unfamiliar. Its appearance makes our life more convenient and simple. Especially in the fruit industry, the application of automatic fruit and vegetable cutting machines is very extensive, because there are a lot of fruits to be cut every day, if people do it by themselves, it will be very hard and waste a lot of time. Using this equipment not only cuts the fruit into pieces, but also saves a lot of manpower.

Product installation and commissioning of automatic fruit and vegetable cutting machine:

1. Place the machine on a dry, ventilated level ground before use to ensure that the machine works smoothly and reliably.

2. Check all parts before use to check whether the fasteners are loose during transportation, whether the switch and power cord are damaged due to transportation, and whether there are foreign objects on the conveyor belt.

3. Check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the voltage used by the automatic fruit and vegetable cutting machine.

4. Ask a professional electrician for wiring, connect the yellow and green wires with the connection symbol to the ground reliably, connect the remaining two cores to the lead-out terminals when the circuit breaker is disconnected, close the circuit breaker, and start the snap switch depending on the conveying direction The working principle is the same (when the voltage is 380V, if the steering does not match, please adjust the two cores to the correct direction of rotation), and test run without load.

5. The cut fruit should be free of mud and sand, and foreign matter should not be mixed in to avoid damage to the cutting blade.

In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the indoor environment is dry and clean. Each precision instrument has its own suitable environment and air pH conditions. If the air is relatively humid, the instrument is prone to rust and oxide film formation, and every time it is used, Ice cubes are used to freeze wax cubes, and there are warm water bleaching tablets next to the microtome, which will affect the air humidity. Therefore, drying equipment or air conditioning should be equipped to dehumidify when slicing. Before using it every day, carefully check whether the components of the automatic fruit and vegetable cutting machine are normal, and adjust the components to their original positions after use. Pay attention to turn on and off the machine according to the steps, and maintain and repair as soon as possible if abnormalities are found, so as not to develop into an instrument failure. For instrument faults, we should carefully observe and analyze, and try to eliminate simple faults by ourselves. For complex faults, we should ask professional maintenance personnel, and make maintenance records when the engineer repairs, and summarize experience, so as to facilitate better maintenance and repair of the instrument in the future. service

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