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Introduction of the function of the eddy current vegetable washing machine

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Vortex vegetable washer. Using the vortex spray cleaning technology, after the action of centrifugal force and the structure of the scrubbing basket

The plan produces an impactful waterfall current to wash vegetables and fruits, which can better clean some of the more difficult fruits and vegetables, such as cauliflower and grapes

And strawberries, etc., and the scrubbing object rotates together with the scrubbing basket, so that the vegetables and raw fruits are not damaged by excessive friction as much as possible.

Each machine has its operation precautions. Vortex vegetable washer. The operation process is as follows:

1. In use. Vegetable washing machine. When cleaning various vegetables and fruits with large leaves, it is recommended to wash three times, one to three minutes at a time.

   In this way, the function of removing residues and impurities can be exerted as much as possible, so that you can eat healthy and delicious vegetables and fruits.

2. After putting the vegetables and fruits to be cleaned, it is necessary to add water until the submerged material stops. Then close the lid, plug in the power supply, set the cleaning time, detailed

The fineness can be determined according to the material, and the cleaning time for the larger and coarser materials can be slightly longer.

3. The vegetable washing machine can cooperate with the use of the vegetable cutting machine, and form a production line with the vegetable cutting machine, draining machine, air dryer, etc. The details can be planned according to demand.

  The eddy current vegetable washing machine can wash a variety of fruits and vegetables. Vegetable washing machine manufacturers. Negotiation and non-standard custom-made.

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