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How to use the dough mixer

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Dough mixer

Dough mixer is becoming more and more important in the pasta industry, especially for steamed buns. Enterprises or canteens that produce pasta will choose kneading machines. It replaces hydraulic oil, improves production efficiency and saves time and effort. In the process of using the kneading machine, there will be many problems. How to improve the service life of the kneading machine and the safe use of the kneading machine must be considered.

During the use of the kneading machine, many people will not clean up after use. The accumulation is continuous before starting to clean. This will not only affect the taste of the pasta, but also affect the service life of the kneading machine, because some pasta needs to be added. Alkali, etc., these will corrode the dough mixer, especially in summer, if it is not cleaned for a long time, the noodles will ferment, and the resulting pasta will also taste.

When using the dough mixer, you must know the capacity of the dough mixer. Do not exceed the dough amount of the dough mixer each time. Continuous overloading of the dough will cause damage to the motor. After each shift is completed, it is best Pour a few drops of oil into the oil injection hole, and don't let the gears and the like dry grinding, which will damage the gears and the like.

There are many types of dough mixer. Choose the one that suits you when buying. Don't choose blindly. It can be used with steamed bun machine and steamed bun machine.

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