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How to prevent accidents when using vegetable cutters?

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      When some users are using vegetable dicer machine, they are not familiar with the product and the method used is improper, so they are "bitten" their fingers. The light ones need to be bandaged to recuperate, while the severe ones may cause disability. It also brings inconvenience in life. Therefore, the correct use and safe operation of the vegetable cutter are extremely important. The professional vegetable dicer machine manufacturer will briefly introduce you to its use.


Without knowing the application of the device, first we need to read the instruction manual. When cutting vegetables, do not put your hands under the centrifugal drum and dial of the vegetable dicer machine, or put your hands into the vegetable press belt, keep a safe distance, otherwise you will be easily caught or caught your fingers. In addition, for long-term use, you must regularly check whether its switch and power cord are damaged, damp, water, etc.; in addition, the vegetable cutter must be kept clean and hygienic and pay attention to the maintenance of the machine.


If you want to know more about vegetable dicer machine, you can directly consult our manufacturer. Welcome to Jinan Star Baker Co., Ltd.

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