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How to deal with the opening of the dumplings made by the automatic dumpling machine

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 What to do if the dumplings made by the automatic dumpling machine are broken

 Causes of cracking and open edges of dumpling skins:

   1. The dough used for making dumplings does not meet the requirements. The dough is hard and the volume inside the dough is very low.

   2 .It is necessary to frequently check whether the joint scraper of the dumpling machine has too large gaps. If the joint scraper is not adjusted after continuous use, the gap will become larger, which will affect the shape of the dumplings.

    3. Check whether the distance between the edge scraper of the dumpling machine and the mold head is in the original position.

The solutions to cause dumplings to crack and open edges are:

     1. When making noodles, control the amount of water added, and require the flour and water to be added in proportion.

     2. Control the moisture of the dumpling fillings and ensure that the moisture is not too much. If the water is too much, it will cause the dumplings to fail to stick and break the skin.

     3. Adjust the position of the machine's edge scraper and the distance between the scraper and the mold.

If the above problems occur when we use the dumpling machine to make dumplings, we can solve the problem as long as we follow the correct method, and the dumplings made will meet your requirements, so as to increase the sales of your dumplings and bring us more The economic profits help us change the status quo of our lives.

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