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How to choose the right vegetable washing machine mesh belt

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Whether the mesh belt is used normally will directly affect the cleaning efficiency of the vegetable washer. Choose the appropriate mesh belt, we will achieve more with less effort when using this machine to clean vegetables. It can be seen that it is necessary to choose a suitable mesh belt. So, how can we choose the right mesh belt?

   1. The vegetable cleaning machine mesh belt used for food hygiene needs special treatment, or the content of heavy metals in the raw materials used must be within a certain range, otherwise there will be certain safety risks.

        2. The net on the washing machine is provided with a general mesh belt and a stainless steel mesh belt. The main material of the general mesh belt is iron, and the essential difference between iron and steel is that the steel contains a certain amount of carbon, which causes its strength to increase. When we choose Pay attention to ask the main material of the belt, which one you choose depends on your environment.

  Choose the mesh belt in the vegetable washing machine carefully, pay attention to the above two issues when selecting, choose the mesh belt that suits your use situation, to avoid the emergence of food safety and hygiene problems.

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