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How to choose the power of vegetable and fruit washing machine

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The power of the vegetable and fruit washing machine has an important influence on its cleaning efficiency. If the power reaches a certain value, the dirt will be removed quickly. If the power is too large, the cavitation intensity will be greatly increased, and the cleaning effect is improved, but at this time, more precise parts are also prone to corrosion, and the vibration plate at the bottom of the washing machine is cavitation serious, and the water spot corrosion is also increased. It is conducive to the long-term use of the washing machine, so it is very important to choose the power of the machine correctly. In response to this problem, the following is a detailed introduction for everyone:

The power of the vegetable and fruit washing machine is selected according to the scale you need to clean up. If the scale is hard and difficult to handle, of course, choose a more powerful cleaning machine. Because the higher the power, the higher the pressure generated by the high-pressure pump driven by the motor or diesel engine, so as to achieve the cleaning effect you want. If the dirt on the vegetables is relatively easy to wash off, you can choose a lower power to extend the life of the washing machine.

When we buy vegetable and fruit washing machines, we must first understand what methods can be used to wash our products, what kind of cleaning effect should be achieved, and have a certain understanding of the cleaning process of the washing machine, so that we can choose more convenient cleaning Machine power.


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