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How many ways to eat chicken burrito?

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A kind of exotic snack that tastes delicious every second when it is absorbed. It is richer than any food in the world. It is a chicken roll from Mexico. What is the magic of a small snack that looks like a pancake? Picky gourmets also praise it?

Mexican traditional food, tortillas made with corn flour, rolled into a U-shape and grilled. Combine cooked meat, vegetables, cheese sauce and other fillings together.

Roast beef, chicken, pork, fish and shrimp, macaroni, vegetables, cheese and even insects can all be used as ingredients in burritos. The condiments for the meal include salsa, cheese sauce, guacamole, crushed tomatoes and so on.

Tacos bought by authentic Mexican roadside vendors can use all kinds of meat, including tripe, beef liver, and beef head. It is mainly eaten with various sauces, including avocado, coriander, tomatoes, meat, onions, lettuce, etc.

Early Mexican immigrants in California changed the taste of chicken burritos. They were generally much larger than Mexican ones, and they often used a small amount of crepes, so they were harder and crisper than Mexican ones.

If TACO is U-shaped, Burrito is O-shaped, and KFC's Mexican chicken burrito is Burrito. It uses sauces, fillings, and similar to TACO. There are more Burrito in American TACO chains. The ingredients are mainly sour cream, with guacamole , plenty of lettuce, chicken or shrimp are common insets.

Now that there are tortilla on the market, which made by the tortilla machine, it is easy to make delicious ……You can easily make delicious KFC's delicious jalapenos at home, without worrying about health issues, because all the ingredients are homemade, but they are not complicated. Highly recommended, children love it, relax Eat two.


1. Choose chicken thighs, cut into pieces, marinate with starch, cooking wine, light soy sauce, and crushed black pepper.

2. Wok black pepper sauce: Dice the onion and press the garlic into minced garlic. Crush in a hot pan, sauté onion and garlic, add appropriate amount of water and cook. During the process, add light soy sauce, salt, sugar, sugar, tomato sauce, milk, and a lot of black pepper. Cook until thick.

3. Fry the chicken in a hot pan, add black pepper sauce to stir fry after changing the color, and copy it until the chicken is just cooked.

Burrito: Spread a layer of lettuce on the tortilla, spread chicken in the middle, sprinkle shredded pepper and shredded green onion, if you want a richer taste, add tomato sauce and salad dressing as appropriate, and finally roll up the dough. It's dinner ! It tastes really good! When the child has a bad appetite, I recommend this one. The nutrition and taste are great.

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