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Fully automatic Dough sheeter operation skills

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Dough sheeter

Automatic Dough sheeter operation skills

1. Make noodles

Pour the flour into the noodle mixing machine, and then add it according to the specified ratio of about 25%, start the capacity, mix the noodles and water evenly to a granular shape (use it after 10 minutes), and then use it.

2. Adjust

Adjust the roller gap by aligning the wheel. The reference data for the roller gap of each group is: (except for units above 330). During the adjustment process, it is not easy to adjust or let go of the hand wheel. The key is to be clear., Hold it patiently, stop and adjust when unskilled, and lock the handwheel after normal.

3. Operation

Put the mixed flour into the noodle hopper, press the knife and fix the knife plate, then you can start the machine. The third set of descending panels must be guided to the next set by hand (multiple sets follow the same way).

The second is fully automatic hook technology

1. Surface system

This equipment is composed of conveyor, flour conveyor, salt mixer, dough mixer, electric control cabinet, etc. It quantitatively controls the flour and mixed salt of the conveyor to form an atomized state to make the gloss loose and dry evenly.

2. Pressure surface, cutting system mature machine, compound infiltration machine, press, tape cutting machine, bar machine, and selection machine are linked into one to complete the casting stage of sliver. And good 10 kinds of maturity, stir the flour to fully absorb water, the Thibra wet gluten network is formed, to the laminating machine at the same time to make two pieces of noodles, press into one, and then pressure on the four water products, so as not to damage the gluten tissue pressure specific pressure Spots with a thickness of 0.8 to 2 mm. The automatic burner that presses the noodles through the knife edge and cuts the wet noodles of 0.8 to 3 mm according to various specifications, and cuts the noodle selectors 24000-2600 mm long to lift the upper frame on the parallel chain.

3. The automatic cutting machine to the end of the frame consists of lifting, upper pole, tail cutting, and control cabinet. The wet surface hung on the lever is raised to the seven o'clock of the drying room, controlled by the infrared integrated circuit, and hung synchronously on the hook of the mobile dryer.

4. The cutting machine at the end of the machine is installed at the starting point of the pre-drying, and the cutting surface is recovered at any time. Because the pre-cutting is in a certain length of drying process, the surface drying head is greatly reduced.

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