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Features of meatball machine

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Meatball machine

Meatball machine introduction Meatballs are meatballs, usually made by steaming and cooking with thin skin wrapped meat fillings. The thin skin wraps better locks the nutrition and flavor of the meat, making the meat more tender and delicious. It consists of a meat grinder, a beater and a forming machine.

According to the meat of the meatballs, beating is divided into high-speed beating machine and slow-speed beating machine. Meatballs are available all over the country and are very popular. Because the handmade meatball process is complicated, time-consuming, laborious, small in scale and unsanitary. Therefore, the mechanized production of meatballs is an inevitable trend.

Performance characteristics of meatball machine:

1. Pork balls, beef balls, big meatballs, chicken balls, elastic meatballs, fish meatballs, Chaozhou meatballs, ordinary meatballs can be produced;

2. It can produce spinach green vegetable balls, carotene meatballs, mushroom meatballs, protein meatballs and other meat and vegetable balls series;

3. The size of the meatballs is adjustable, and the skin of the product is smooth, smooth, and crisp, which makes the teeth of the mouth fragrant;

4. The meatball machine is well shaped and easy to operate;

5. The production cost of the meatballs: the cost of vegetarian meatballs is 1.5-2 yuan/jin, meatballs are 3-5 yuan/jin; the market output is 3-14 yuan/jin, two people produce more than 500 jin in 8 hours, and the daily profit is equivalent considerable.

6. The machine is made of stainless steel, durable, beautiful in appearance, and meets Guojia food hygiene standards.

7. The weight of the product is 8-25g/piece, the filling amount and production speed can be adjusted automatically, and the high output can reach 200-300kg/h, which is equivalent to the efficiency of 12 to 18 workers at the same time.

8. The automation structure is reasonable, one person, two people operate in one. Easy to disassemble, repair and clean.

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