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Farewell to the era of frozen food

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        First, put the dumpling skin on the roller mold, and then put the right amount of dumpling filling on the skin. Speaking of filling dumplings, we have to mention the demoulding and filling boxes that come with this dumpling machine. We all know that if your fingers accidentally touch the oil of the dumpling filling when making dumplings, and the oil is not too small to rub the edge of the dumpling skin, the dumpling will definitely bloom after cooking. In order to put the fillings neatly, we need to use molds and filling boxes. Put a part of the meat filling into the filling box, then put it on the dumpling wrapper after being stripped in water, gently poke some of the meat in the filling box into the stripping box, pick up and unmold, the meat filling will be successful Placed in the center of the skin, and with this stripping, the amount of meat filling can be well controlled. But it should be reminded that you must pay attention to the amount of water when using demoulding. If the water is less, the filling may not easily fall off, and if the water is too much, it may break the dumpling skin. So you still have to try several times to master it.


   Put the skins and fillings, cover the lid, gently shake the handle, and watch the dumpling skins gradually close together with the rotation of the rollers. Is it possible to think of the appearance of the wrapped dumplings? How can I tell if the dumplings are already wrapped? It's very simple, because this roller is a half dumpling and half wonton mold, so as long as you see the wonton mold completely in front of you, the dumpling will be wrapped. Gently opened the drawer below, bulging dumplings appeared in front of my eyes. Then continue to transfer to the dumpling mold, you can easily pack the weight of the family. After cooking in the pot, she must still have a beautiful lace posture, and she will never grin at you with an empty heart. You can also make soup dumplings and fried dumplings, as you like. In fact, the original design and use of this dumpling machine are very simple, but it does solve the troublesome dumpling making problem that we often complain about. Because this machine is very compact and looks like a toy, when the mother uses it, the children must be curious to see it, so you might as well teach him. It might be a good helper. If the father thinks that the dumpling skins bought outside are not delicious, the whole family gathers together, the mother rolls the skin, the father puts the skin to fill the stuffing, and the kid is responsible for shaking the handle to wrap it, and gently pulling the drawer below, everyone They all watched the dumplings together with surprises and enjoyed the happiness of the family.

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