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Dumpling machine performance characteristics

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dumpling machine

     Dumplings are a staple food that our people love very much. The traditional method of making dumplings by hand is time-consuming and labor-intensive, low in efficiency and unstable in quality.

     The dumpling machine is suitable for hotels, restaurants, large and small restaurants, unit canteens, individual businesses, etc., and also suitable for food processing plants to produce quick-frozen dumplings. This machine can produce dumplings with various flavors such as meat filling, meat and vegetable filling, whole vegetable filling and so on.

     Performance characteristics of multifunctional dumpling machine

    1. Small size, easy to operate and maintain.

     2. The design is scientific, the structure is exquisite, beautiful, safe and sanitary.


     3. The thickness of the dough and the amount of filling can be adjusted as required to make the product more diversified.

     4. Simple operation, convenient disassembly and assembly, and easy cleaning.

     5. One machine has multiple functions. By changing molds, it can produce wontons, spring rolls, hot pot dumplings, steamed dumplings, samosas, etc.

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