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Dumpling machine In addition to dumplings, it can also replace parts

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dumpling machine

Dumplings have been in China for thousands of years. The Chinese love of dumplings also makes the dumpling machine market very popular. So what are the advantages of the dumpling machine? Let us introduce it to everyone.

1. The working efficiency of the dumpling machine is very high.Working with a machine is equivalent to hiring 8 to 12 people to make dumplings for handmade dumplings. If the hired workers can buy a machine in less than half a year, then a machine will save money for a machine. Come on, this is a low-cost, high-volume machine.

2. There are many types of dumplings and many choices. The small size is usually about 600mm-800mm, which is equivalent to a refrigerator, which saves space. The large range is 1,000 to 2,000. You can choose the right size for your space.

3. The dumpling machine produces various types of food. In addition to dumplings, it can also replace parts. You can make spring rolls, stews, samosas, wontons, spring rolls, pot stickers, latte dumplings, etc. We only need a small part to produce various types. Food and machines are readily available.

4. The dumpling machine is easy to learn and has a fool-like operation mode. The machine only needs to put the fillings and noodles into the machine, and then wait for the dumplings. Inexperienced people can master all operations in 5 minutes.

5. The dumpling machine occupies a small area, generally the small machine is between 500mm-800mm, and the large one is only about 2000, which is easy to place. The machine itself is small, easy to move, and can be handled at any time. This machine adopts stainless steel design and conforms to national standards

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