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Dumpling Machine ensures the density of the product to ensure the uniformity and fineness of the product pores

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1. Improved head of automatic dumpling machine, double frequency conversion for incoming products, more stable performance.

2. The advanced noodle conveying and filling system of the multifunctional dumpling machine fully protects the noodles and does not hurt the noodles. It ensures the texture of the dumplings, and the filling is smooth and uniform. Fillings can be added to make the dumplings good.

3. The dumpling machine is scientifically designed in accordance with the requirements of the pastry process to ensure the density of the product, ensure the uniformity and fineness of the finished product, the bounce, the water retention is very good, and the surface of the product is bright and delicate Handmade dumplings.

4. The dumpling machine adopts a humanized control panel, high-quality microcomputer control, accurate and reliable control, and can be operated freely in 5 minutes.

5. High degree of automation, accurate quantification, consistent product size, skin filling ratio 20g-150g, adjustable at will, 1-2 people can operate.

6. The product model of dumpling machine, which can produce all kinds of stuffing products such as steamed buns, steamed buns, pumpkin cakes, xiaolongbao, mung bean cakes, red bean paste buns, etc.

7. This machine is light and handy, the main parts are made of stainless steel, and the appearance is beautiful, which meets the national food hygiene standards.

8. The dumpling machine has reasonable structure, forming, filling, noodle and control board are driven by independent motors, which are not prone to joint failures and are easy to maintain and clean.

9. The dumpling machine does not require high flour quality, occupies a small area, is convenient to move, and is suitable for various workplaces.

10. The working efficiency of the dumpling machine is equivalent to 8 to 12 workers making dumplings by hand at the same time, which is a real low expenditure, high efficiency and saving investment.

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