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Design requirements of vegetable washing machine

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The vegetable washing machine is designed according to certain standards, so that the washing machine produced can achieve the effects of reducing water consumption, saving time and labor costs when cleaning fruits and vegetables. The standards that the washing machine needs to meet in the design are as follows:

1. Environmental protection: The fruit and vegetable washing machine is in direct contact with the vegetables, which essentially removes the agricultural residues on the surface of the vegetables. Therefore, the materials used should avoid contamination of the vegetables.    

2. Feasibility: Due to the existence of sediment, impurities, parasites and other substances on the surface of most vegetables, according to the characteristics of root vegetables, we can design hair roller fruit and vegetable washing machines, using the principle of friction and tumbling of the hair rollers to remove the mud on the surface of the vegetables Sand and epidermis; leafy vegetables are sprayed with air bubbles to generate pressure when the machine is in operation, so that the burst of air bubbles can impact and wash the surface of the cleaning object. 

3. Value: In view of the demand for large output and timeliness of vegetable processing plants and large-scale canteens, we should increase the cleaning speed and volume of the washing machine so that it can automatically remove silt and dirt, and the internal clean water automatically circulates.

Product design can only be recognized by the public if it meets the needs of the market. When we design the fruit and vegetable washing machine, we must also meet the needs of customers for its function, so that it can be promoted.

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