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Cleaning method of vegetable washing machine

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When we use the vegetable washing machine to clean all kinds of vegetables, grasping the correct cleaning method can do more with less, and can effectively avoid unnecessary failures of the washing machine during the cleaning process and improve the cleaning efficiency. So, what are the commonly used cleaning methods when we use this washing machine to clean vegetables?

1. High-pressure spray cleaning: Relying on the force generated by the high-pressure water sprayed from the nozzle on the vegetable washing machine to remove the dirt attached to the vegetable surface.

2. Air bubble cleaning: make the air enter the water, and constantly stir the cleaning water to make it generate a large number of air bubbles, cause cavitation on the surface of the object to be cleaned, and clean the object to be cleaned.

3. Brush cleaning: through the direct contact of the bristles and the material in the water, the dirt on the surface of the material is removed and washed. This method is mostly used to clean potatoes, radishes and other vegetables.

4. Friction cleaning of the drum: sink the lower part of the drum in water, and put the material in the screen-type drum. Due to the rolling action of the drum, friction occurs between the material and the material and between the material and the drum, so that the soil on the surface of the material is removed and Clean.

5. Ultrasonic cleaning: Millions of tiny vacuum bubbles are generated in the liquid. These bubbles are rapidly generated in large quantities under the action of sound pressure, and continue to violently blast, generating strong pressure and negative pressure suction to make the dirt detach The surface of the object, but this cleaning technology is not yet fully mature.

The above are the common cleaning methods for vegetable washing machines. Each cleaning method has its own unique characteristics. In actual use, we can choose the appropriate cleaning method according to the type of items to be cleaned and the cleaning environment.

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