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Can the oil used in the fryer still be used?

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After frying, there will be a lot of oil left in the fryer, but can it be used after frying? Then look down and you'll find out.

The oil of fried food is edible, but it should be preserved. The oil heated by high temperature, if stored open, will produce acid change. So, usually eat the remaining oil, if not willing to throw, it must be put into a sealed container for storage, so as to avoid the strange smell of oil.

The oil in the fryer will turn black after frying for a long time, which is a normal phenomenon. Because this kind of oil which has been fried for a long time can no longer be used, there are many harmful substances in the oil, which must be poured out.

When you use the fryer to cook fried food, you should try to reduce the frequency of repeated use of high-temperature cooking oil, and add new cooking oil at any time, and control the temperature of the oil used for frying to reduce or prevent the formation of harmful substances.

Most of the oil we usually eat is vegetable oil, which contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids. When heated at high temperature, it will produce black smoke, which is a carcinogen. So the more smoke, the earlier the oil, the lower the ignition point, not suitable for fried food.

Xiaobian here reminds you that the fryer should not use the repeatedly fried oil, because the repeatedly used cooking oil is particularly harmful.


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