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Briefly describe the characteristics of onion peeling machine

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onion peeling machine

The Industrial Onion Peeler produced by Jinan Stabake has the characteristics of easy operation and high output. It uses pneumatic principle to peel and dry onions, and realizes fully automatic digital control, which is convenient and efficient. There are no restrictions on the size and type of onions, so basically you only need to put all the onions into the machine. Moreover, the surface of the peeled onion will be smooth and scratch-free, and the onion and its skin will be separated automatically, which is very safe and hygienic. The industrial onion peeling machine is currently the most advanced onion peeling equipment in China

Industrial onion peeling machine adopts advanced technology, reasonable structure and high degree of automation, which can save a lot of time and manpower. The appearance is simple and generous, safe and reliable to use, and easy to maintain. Since all materials meet food hygiene standards, the machine can achieve the simplest operation. In addition, it also realizes a non-destructive design with high peeling rate, and can be adjusted according to your needs, so as to avoid excessive peeling and no waste.

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