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Automatic fruit and vegetable automation equipment makes life better

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fruit and vegetable processing equipment

In fact, as people's demand for convenience is getting higher and higher, more and more supermarkets will cut the fruit into boxes for sale. In the process of producing these boxed fruits, Automatic fruit and vegetable processing equipment will save a lot of time and labor costs.

Before fresh fruits leave the factory, most of them go through the two steps of cleaning and fruit selection. Automatic fruit and vegetable processing equipment cleaning machine can clean the skin of fruits. When some fruits are picked, the skin will inevitably have some stains. At this time, a fruit and vegetable washing machine is needed to wash away the stains on the skin to make the fruit look fresh and clean and attract consumers to buy. The fruit sorting machine can be used to divide the fruits into batches, separate the good fruits and the second fruits, and automatically transfer different packaging areas. Different batches of fruit can be packaged and priced separately.

There are also some fruits that need to be peeled if they are cut into boxes and sold. Some people may want to ask, isn’t fruit peeling easy? It is true that there are fruits that are easy to peel, such as apples and oranges, but there are also many fruits that are difficult to peel, such as pineapples, coconuts, and cantaloupes. Coupled with the large production demand, it would be very time-consuming and labor-intensive if it only relied on labor. At this time, the fruit and vegetable peeling machine is needed.

Automatic  fruit and vegetable processing equipment peeling machine drives the tray to rotate through the rotation of the gear shaft. The gear is connected with the screw rod. When it drops, it will also drive the screw rod down. The blade on the screw rod in contact with the fruit will peel the fruit. The blade on the knife holder can adjust the distance between the blade and the fruit according to the size of the fruit, and the production process is more flexible.

The nutritional value of most fruits is very high, eating more fruits is good for our health. With the development of science and technology, people's consumption of fruits is no longer limited to direct consumption. Dried fruits and juices are all popular fruit products nowadays. What kind of food processing equipment needs to be used in their production process?

In the process of making dried fruits, the two machines that are often used are the fruit and Automatic fruit and vegetable processing equipment slicer and dryer. With the slicer, not only the labor cost is greatly reduced, but also more uniform and beautiful than manual slicing. After slicing, it will be dried. The current automatic dryer has fast drying speed and good effect. The equipment is pure hot air, no pollution, and no danger of open flames.

Juice is also one of the ways we eat fruits. Fruits need to pass through a juicer to "transform" into juice. The screw juicer integrates the functions of crushing, squeezing, and slagging, and the body has a built-in pressure regulating head, which can be adjusted according to the needs of different production processes, which is very convenient and flexible.

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