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Application method of multifunctional vegetable cutter

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Application method of multifunctional vegetable cutter

1. Vertical knife installation

①The vertical knife is used for cutting stems and leafy soft vegetables, and cutting the slices cut by the centrifugal slicing mechanism into patterns of silk, curves, blocks, dices, diamonds, etc. of the required specifications. The razor.

②When the product leaves the factory, a barrel knife is randomly installed, and other specifications of the knife (straight knife, diamond knife, curve knife, square knife) can be customized according to the needs of the user.

2. Adjusting the size of vegetables with a vertical knife

①The size of the vertical knife cutting vegetables can be adjusted arbitrarily from 1-25mm, and the desired size can be obtained by adjusting the adjustable eccentric screw.

② The size of the dish is reduced: turn the adjustable eccentric wheel so that the opening of the slot is upward, loosen the adjustable eccentric screw, and move the amount in the direction of the center of the eccentric wheel.

3. Adjustment of slice thickness

① The slicing mechanism is suitable for slicing and slicing hard potatoes such as potatoes and radishes

②The blade knife is fixed on the wall of the barrel, and there is a gap of 0.5-1mm between the blade and the hopper plate. The thickness of the slice can be obtained by adjusting the screws on both sides of the movable plate, and the nut is tightened after adjustment.

4. Speed adjustment

①The speed of the vertical knife is selected according to the size of the vegetable and the vegetable.The high speed is selected when cutting thin wire, and the speed and high speed are selected in turn when the size of thick wire and vegetable is large.

②V-belt tensioning: adjust the rear of the machine, adjust the screw to rotate clockwise to tension. The slicing mechanism is tensioned, and the motor board nut can be adjusted to achieve the purpose of tensioning.

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