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Analysis of advantages of meat cutter

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meat cutter

Users in the catering industry know that there is a large daily supply of meat in the kitchen, especially in hotels and some unit canteens. Without the application of meat cutter, it would be expensive to replace manual operations, low work efficiency, and poor sanitation equipment. Stabake meat cutting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment designed based on traditional guillotines for the current central kitchen industry.

The meat slicer equipment designed by Jinan Stabake is fully functional, capable of cutting frozen meat, fresh meat, etc., into shredded meat, diced meat, and various shapes of meat. Its slicing effect is good, the surface of the blade is neat, no burrs, no sticks of meat, and no debris residue; in addition, the slice thickness of the meat slicer is uniform, good stability, continuous slicing, high efficiency, small size, and space occupation Small, low noise, convenient operation, beautiful appearance and other characteristics.

Therefore, if you need to consult the JinanStabake meat cutter, you can contact us directly.

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