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After the dumpling machine is cleaned and restored, you can turn on the power and start the machine

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dumpling machine

How to use and operate the dumpling machine

 1. Turn on the power and test the operation: After cleaning and restoring the installation, we can turn on the power and start the machine. Before turning on the power, place the filling pump clutch handle in the parked position, and then use the hook wrench to retract the face screw wrench to the back end.

  Check whether the connected power supply is consistent with the rated voltage of the machine and the number of items. After confirming the agreement, you can turn on the power. After starting, check whether the machine is leaking, and judge whether the steering is correct according to the rotation direction of the forming mold. Rotating outward is correct. After the machine runs normally, run it idling for 3 to 5 minutes. During operation, press the direction. Move the clutch handle and adjust the handle to check for abnormalities. After the idler is operating normally, start using it again.

  2. Test drive dumplings

  (1) Try the filling: Use the machine to test the dumpling filling before the test, open the machine forming frame 90°, then put the adjusted filling into the filling bucket, pull the clutch handle away from the pipe filling to open the dumpling machine Adjust the handle to the desired position and start to observe whether the dumplings are uniform and stable, whether there is any discontinuity, and whether the filling is normal. After the machine runs for 1-2 minutes, the clutch handle is pulled to the stop position.

  (2) Test surface: The adjustment of the dough is to check whether the amount or uniformity of the face and the thickness of the dumpling skin are appropriate. First, adjust the noodle nut to push the noodle screw to the proper position, make the good noodle into a noodle shaft or dough, put it into the noodle bucket, and then start the back tube.

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