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Advantages of using vegetable washing machine

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The vegetable washing machine uses high-pressure water to impact the surface of the object to be cleaned, thereby cleaning the object to be cleaned. With the continuous improvement of the level of mechanization, this machine has been widely used in recent years. So, what are the benefits of washing vegetables with a washing machine? What are the advantages of using this machine?

1. The vegetable washing machine is equipped with an automatic water replenishment device to save water.

2. Except for motors, bearings and other standard parts, they are made of stainless steel SUS304 / 2B, which fully meets the hygiene requirements of exported food.

3. The machine adopts strong circulating water flow, and is equipped with a bubble generating device. It is not easy to damage fruits and vegetables during cleaning, and the washing effect is good. At the same time, an appropriate amount of chemicals can be added to disinfect and fix the color.

4. Batch washing can be adopted, and the washing time can be accurately controlled.

5. It has the characteristics of high cleanliness, energy saving, water saving, stable and reliable equipment.

Vegetable washing machine has the above-mentioned advantages, and is often used for cleaning, removing impurities and conveying fruits, stems, leaf vegetables, mushrooms and Chinese herbal medicines.

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