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Adjustment and maintenance of vegetable washing machine

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After purchasing the vegetable washing machine, users often call to consult how to maintain the equipment. As we all know, the maintenance of the equipment is particularly important. And the normal maintenance of the machine can greatly play the service life of the equipment, so it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the machine. For how is the correct repair and maintenance, with the understanding of the machine to introduce. We can take the following ways to maintain and adjust.

1、 Chain adjustment

The adjustment is carried out after the motor stops. Press the chain with fingers in the middle of the two sprockets. The compression is generally between 4 and 9 mm, which is the standard value. Once the standard value is exceeded, adjust the idler to the specified tightness.

2、 Belt adjustment

When the motor stops, in the middle of the two pulleys, take the compression of the finger (middle finger and index finger) pressing belt as the standard value of 7-12mm. When it is greater than the standard value, adjust the idler gear to the specified tightness.

3、 Replacement of variable speed without section

For the spot check and oil filling and replacement of the oil of the endless gearbox, the first thing is to stop the motor. It is strictly forbidden to remove the oil inspection plug in case of fireworks. When the oil just flows out, it should be added when it is insufficient.


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