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About the choice of Meat grinding machine

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meat grinding machine

Meat grinding machine often used in the supermarket market. Frequent start and stop are commonplace. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good quality and durable meat grinder. So how should we buy a meat grinder?

1. The choice of meat grinder knife board:

3 blades (with holes), be sure to choose stainless steel. Individual manufacturers acquiesce in providing a blade called powder metallurgy material. This material has two disadvantages:

The first disadvantage is that it is easy to drop metal powder. Because it is close to the stainless steel blade, the meat grinder blade is in the process of high-speed rotation. In fact, the blade has the performance of a sharpening stone. The blade will bring the metal powder up. Stick to the meat, so that the meat that goes in will be unhygienic. Moreover, it is easy to see with the naked eye. Often after the meat is minced, a black mass of meat will be found on one end of the large screw. Since this position is connected to the knife board, the meat entangled from the outside does not come in. The powder discharged to this position is particularly obvious.


The second disadvantage is that this material is very easy to rust. It must be soaked in edible oil for maintenance after use, so the service life will be relatively extended.

Therefore, when purchasing, you must remember to ask the seller to provide a stainless steel blade.

2. The choice of motor:

Meat grinding machine must be a copper motor. This is a long-lasting and durable motor used in the industry. It is related to the life of the product. If the motor fails, the entire product only needs to be replaced. Some of the products on the market are made of aluminum motors. Because it is cheaper, businesses can make greater profits. However, this kind of motors cannot be compared with copper motors in use, and it will have less strength in the effect of grinding meat. Some, if there is a foreign body stuck, it may be that the muscle tendons entangle the blade screw and it will burn out in a short time. However, consumers are difficult to distinguish and can only be guaranteed by the credit of the business.

3. The choice of gearbox:

Inside the Meat grinding machine, there is a part that is connected to the body with a seven-shaped aluminum head. This part was previously made of black plastic. If the plastic material is not good, it is easy to age and break, so it must be disassembled and replaced. At the beginning, we did not use this structure, but updated the new structure, replaced it with stronger materials, and changed the continuous head, which did not cause significant head shaking and was more durable.

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