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Automatic Tortilla making machine in Russia

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The Russia customer visitted us and test the machine in the year of November of 2021 to our factory. 

Russia (2)

After learning and training by our engineer, the Customer knowing our machine well. 

And the machine work well in his site and also they decide to representative of our machine and provide engineering and after-sales for our machine in Russia. 

Our FBA series PLC contral autoamtic tortilla making machine, it used to make the tortilla wraps of flour tortilla, corn tortilla, plain soft taco, lavash, roti, chapati, pani puri, duck pancake, spring rolls bread, chicken burritos flour tortillas, branding, branding burritos, scallion bread, specialty bread, etc. 

The machine is a automatic full line from dough mixing to last tortilla packing. machine with touch screen memory function for the tortilla recipe and setted parameters. esay operation, one-person can operate, saving time and effort. 

The structure of the whole tortilla machine is exquisite, the working system of the dough feeding is smooth, no defects would occur, and easy to disassemble and clean.

The machine can be produced with Pneumatic Cylinder or Hydraulic cylinder based on your bread charaters and thickness. Please contact us to choose the tortilla machine.